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Discovery of a Reading

Throughout my years of reading, I have met many people, with numerous expectations. I have learnt and experienced something new with each person. For some, I have met their expectations; and others, I have surpassed them, and then, there are those that I’ve disenchanted. But, for the most part, people are not quite clear what to expect. So, I would like to take this time and opportunity, to share with you, how to discover a good reading.

A reader is a person who retrieves information from the sources of our sixth senses. Known as ESP (extrasensory perception), also known as our psyche. The reader transfers information from the psyche to a conscious level. Some readers use tools to guide them through this data. Such as the Tarot cards, Astrology, Numerology, Psychometry, Palmistry, and many more- too many to mention. Whether or not a tool is used, the information retrieved all comes from the same source. Therefore, I believe that the decision for a reader, should not be based on the medium of which the data is being retrieved, but on the person themselves.

I believe strongly in the sense of ethics. Both, the reader and the client, should have mutual respect for each other. Within the first few minutes of a session, you should know whether or not you can relate to the person. If you can’t stop the reader immediately, to go further would be a waste of both your time and theirs. Follow your intuition, and tell the reader that you can’t identify with what they are saying. Should you come to this conclusion, please don’t wait until half-way through the allotted time of the reading. If done in the first few minutes, most readers will let you “go in peace”.

A reading is a Discovery. To learn and obtain information or a different perspective, to work with one’s life, not to live by. With the proper energies one can change the perception of an event.

A reading should be fun. Life is not always doom and gloom. A reading should be able to go through all that muck and find something good at the end of the tunnel. Or at least find a better path to travel on. And with all that, be a little entertaining – ’cause laughter is enchantment.

A reading is not a guarantee to the future, just a presentation of information, and a discovery of a distinct experience.


Reverend Marilyn Mazzotta