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Meditation CDs

Throughout the years, I have discovered that many people struggle to achieve an effective meditation. Keeping focus and the mind quiet is not always easy, especially when under stress and emotional upheavals. For this reason, I have created two effective formats of meditations.

Guided Meditation by Marilyn Mazzotta

A simple meditation to bring the enjoyment of relaxation. Many have commented this meditation has help them to release stress and feel more grounded thereafter. The journey of this 22 minute CD takes you to a quiet place of reflection.

Past Life Meditation by Marilyn Mazzotta

This is a specialty meditation design to help you to retrieve a past life. We have many past lives, and this is an effective tool to achieve past life information. The journey of this 40 minute CD will take you to the sanctuary of the Ashaskic Records. I personally do not suggest this CD be used when under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor for persons under the age of 18. Experienced meditation is strongly advised.

  • Guided Meditation CD: $10 (plus $5 for shipping & handling) MP3: $8
  • Past Life Meditation CD: $15 (plus $5 for shipping & handling) MP3: $8
  • Both CDs for $20 (plus $5 for shipping & handling)
  • Both MP3s for $10

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