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How to Tune in a Reading

Having a reading should contain the element of an experience. And in order to achieve that experience there are elements of energy to be exchanged, through the act of a reading. This is done both through the reader and the querent.

QUERENT: One who is being read.

The following is a simple, but powerful guideline which can create the right energies between both the reader and the querent. Please understand I am a mundane reader. Which means that the type of reading I do deals with mundane issues, such as love life, work, education, residence, police work etc. The concept of a reading for me is to be able to present life’s issues that are strongly possible for the querent in the next year or so. A reading should be able to present a different perspective, or paths in life. A reading is a sounding board, bringing in a sense of awareness in life. It does not, and cannot rule one’s life, as only the querent can make their own choices. The first thing a reader should make the querent be aware of is that a reading is a tool to help bring in the quality of life and not used a manipulator. When a reading is used as a manipulator, it can and often will backfire on the querent. So let us understand how a reading can be used as a manipulator. Lets say, in the reading the querent’s partner is having an affair. For that person to dash home and scream and yell at them about this affair will achieve absolutely nothing, but more conflict, hurt and grief. Why? Because that information was retrieved from an altered state, and no energy has been placed into it.

I will give to you a different example, although for this keep in mind these types of readings are very different from a regular reading. I work for many law enforcement agencies. When a detective comes to me with a case file, often they may have a suspect in the file. And the reading shows that the detective has the right suspect. Because the reading confirms the right suspect, doesn’t mean that the detective can go out and arrest that person. Hopefully, the reading will also give to that detective, information that they do not have in that file. Still, that will be useless information until that detective actually goes out and finds that evidence and applies it to the case. So energy is placed into it, creating the aspect for resolution. Going back to that affair, hopefully, the reading will show the querent how to find resolution, or where they should consider to place their energy for well being of the self. It is not uncommon for a reader to pick something up that truly is a message not for the querent, but for someone else. Example, lets say that the querent’s mother who is under medical treatment, should consider a second opinion, as there is a more effective treatment out there for her. The querent can relay that info to their mother, but they should not nag at them, or keep reminding them to do it. As I tell my clients, you relay the info once, then shut your mouth. As to nag on them may push them to comply with the querent wishes, and not truly be of free will. That is a form of manipulation. With that clear onto the next step.

A reader should ask their querent to focus on a single thought. YES! Just one thought. The purpose of this is for the querent to organize their consciousness, so the reader can connect to the subconscious. Image your consciousness being a hallway with a bunch of doors. Every time there is a thought, a door will open. If the querent has many thoughts all rambling in their head, many doors will fly ajar. So when the subconscious comes to that hallway, it becomes scattered into all these different doors. And when that happens there are three principles or protocols that get lost in the reading. Remember that the subconscious contains all the information of the querent.

1st protocol is the art of continuity, volume and tone of the reading. Continuity is the flow of a reading. This means that the reading could make sense while you are with the reader, but 3 days later when you go to listen to the tape (I always supply a tape for a reading), they are confused. Because there is no flow, one minute the reader could be talking about computer software and the next hardware, the querent will not remember which part of the computer the reader was referring to. So a sense of order is needed for the clarity. Volume and tone mean how the reading is being presented. Most readers are not in a trance state when they do a reading. Trance readings are very different. However, all readers are in an altered state. Sometimes, it is not even what a reader may say, but rather how they say it. IE- Lets say the readers says to the client, “Oh, this is your friend,” perhaps that would not set off any alarm bells. But should the reader say “OHHHHH, This Is YOUR friend?” , perhaps there is a volume or tone of reservation around this friendship. Therefore the warning comes through the reader’s volume or tone, rather than actual words. It is common for a reader to press the querent’s buttons. The reader hits on an area, the querent’s light bulbs go on, and they want MORE information. A reader should encourage their clients to hold their questions until the end of the reading. As by asking questions during the process can actually hinder the reader by 2 forms. The first form is actually shifting the reading from objective to empathic. Keep in mind, all readers at some point could have an empathic moment with their client, but an empathic reading truly serves no ability to bring in clarity. Empathic readings, first hook up to the emotions and then the psyche. And the psychic side becomes clouded due to the emotions. The second shift is that every time a querent asks a question. They are pulling the reader out of their altered state. For some readers this may take only a few questions, and others it may take many … but bottom line they are pulled out, and something will get lost in that session. What I don’t know, but I do know there is a hanging feeling at the end of the session, that the reader feels they need to tell them, and the reader will not know what it is. I always encourage readers to be upfront about this and warn them before the session, not to ask if the reader has that hanging feeling. As this usually, creates discomfort.
Querent: Do you have that hanging feeling?
Reader: Yes I do.
Querent: What do you think that might be?
Reader: I have no idea.
That folks can and does mess up the querent … leaving with a state of being unsettled. We are not therapists, and therefore, wise not to reveal whether that feeling is there or not. I always tell my clients I will lie to you, so I am telling you not, in that way it is not a lie.

2nd protocol is detail. When the energy is too scattered in that hallway, when end up with incomplete information. I work with the tarot, so let us use that as an example, when the cards get scattered too much they get lazy, and instead of getting a combination of cards for an issue, we get one card. That is not enough for detail. So it is what I call flatlining. Meaning very vague, general blanket type of information. IE … change of environment … now what does that mean … it could be a job change, a residence change, a new relationship, a trip, new furniture, new paint, etc. it means so much that it means nothing. Let the reader and querent strive for that win win situation, and detail will help to bring on the clarity.

3rd protocol which is truly an issue on its own is the timing of an event. Timing in a reading is illusional. The universe gives to us the LOT. The lot means a group of information connected to the querent’s life. However, there is no calendar that goes with this lot. Besides which calendar would a reader use, we have 9 active calendars on this planet today. Sometimes a reader could have the right month, wrong year, or off a couple of days or weeks. Unfortunately, this is a 3-hr lecture on its own, but the short of it, it is the event not the timing that counts. I usually ask my clients what was the exact date when they graduated or left high school. 99% do not remember. But they do remember the event. Or another statement is that many people will remember a wedding date, seldom a divorce date. This is because these dates are not reinforced. Guidelines on what not to think about: The querent should be told not to think about money or other people. Money is a terrible thing to think about, because there is no constant energy for the same amount, every time. Example: I had a client who won a lottery 5 times in a row, 5 numbers each time. None of these wins were over 4k. But the 1st win was about $1500, she was jazzed, took the day off work and collected her monies. The 2nd time, still jazzed, took the day off work and collected her money. The 3rd time, didn’t take the day off work, but took an hour off work. By the time she reached the 5th win, which was double the amount of the first, she collected it 3 days later. Why? Because it did not have the same impact. She was desensitized. I believe we all have time periods in our lives where sometimes $20 is not a big deal, then other times it is …. especially when you have to buy gas. Yet we live in a monetary system. Everything around us includes the concept of money. So if it is an obstacle with money, the querent should focus on finding a resolution, not a dollar amount to fix it. Seldom, the number is a correct number, and often readings can take on that number to an exactitude. Wrong number, causes what I call a twilight zone reading. Lots of nonsense gets into the reading. Of course this will not make the reader look good, and worst, the querent did not receive good information. The 2nd is not to think about another person. This is a big one. The querent must understand when they request a reading, the reading is for them and not others. When they think about another person, they cross privacy lines. Lots of people can show up in a reading, but the reader must see this /or feel this/ through the querent’s energy. Therefore a reader can often tell the querent what that person may be doing, but cannot always justify why they do, what they do. When privacy lines are crossed, the universe may put up a privacy wall. So I describe this to my clients this way. “Instead of doing the reading looking through your eyes, the universe has placed a privacy wall, and for me it is like doing a reading looking at a very clean mirror. This is the most common problem for most readers, and this is labelled as a trickster reading. The issues are identified, and done correctly, then the reading progresses as the session suggested, but the final result is 180 degrees different. Example: had a client who saw a reader, in which she paid a sizable fee, (hundreds of dollars), she was so upset and complained to me venomously how off she was. After probing her with a few questions, I realized that she had received a trickster reading. This is a sample of what I mean … The querent has a rare breed of dog and had a hard time finding a stud for the dog. The reader predicated, she would find the stud, which she did. The reader predicated that the dog would get pregnant and have 7 puppies. Which had happen. The reader predicated that all the puppies would be fine … 6 died. That folks is a trickster reading … affirmation, after affirmation, until the final result, then it flips to the opposite. The problem here is that one does not know that it is a trickster reading until too late. Then there is nothing anyone can do about it. To avoid this, the querent needs to think of themselves.

At the end of a reading, the reader should allow you to ask your questions, and at this point, the querent may ask anything they want, about people, money, doesn’t matter, because if the field of energy changes, the reader should feel this or see this. A reader’s goal should be to answer all the querent’s questions without having the need to ask them. The querent goal should be to obtain as much info that they can from the session.

There are two warnings…

1st … No reader can do a life reading – life reading meaning today till they die – in one session. So I like to tell my clients … when you see a reader advertise that they can do a life reading in 20 minutes … please think about this … either you have no life … or how much information are you truly getting.

2nd … Beware of the questions you ask. I am a reader that unless karmic debt is involved, I do not speak about fated issues. Keep in mind that for many things a querent can change the outcome. Example … a young woman which shows in the reading that she will become pregnant. Remember, we are not speaking about an immaculate conception, we are talking about a deed done unprotected. That can be easily change, if this young querent crosses her legs and not have sex … no pregnancy. Sometimes, what a reader is suggesting making change will be hard. Like changing how you walk. But it doesn’t mean it cannot be done. It just means that every step that the querent takes must be conscientiously aware. However, fated information, is info that no matter what a person does, it cannot be changed. I use death as an example … if a person is destined to die young, they shall die young. If a person is destined to die old, they shall die old. If a person is destined to die alone, it does not mean that person will die lonely. So how you get through fate is up to the querent. They can go through it like a victim or martyr (poor me), which vibrates to the same energy. Or they can be a hero. But the fate is a lesson that the soul must go through. That is why bad things happen to good people. I like to used Christopher Reeves, Terry Fox, or Mother Teresa as examples of heroes, all of them left behind a ball of inspiration, and willingness to carry on their causes. Through these hero’s energies, we gained insight of charity, a sense of purpose, and perhaps a little quality of life.