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Astrology & Numerology Reports

Please Contact me regarding purchases.

Personalized charts are a great idea for birthdays gifts, holiday gifts, and even a gift for yourself! These computerized reports are spiral bounded, and are as accurate as the information submitted. To read more about each chart type, or to find out the price, please click on the name to jump to its description.

Personal Birth Chart

A beautiful illustrated chart about you! The book will vary in size from anywhere of 30-40 pages long. The birth chart describes the personality based on the astrological positions, signs, and aspects.

Cost: $35 CAD each + s&h $10

Optimum Child

This report is a great baby gift to you as a parent or a parent to be. It describes the child and how the parent can best motivate them. An excellent gift of insight for the upbringing of a child. The report varies from 20 to 30 pages long.

Cost: $35 CAD each + s&h $10

Compatibility Charts

A presentation that creates a dynamic awareness of a relationship between two people. This report will vary in size from 15 to 30 pages long. This book is a great tool to enhance communication between two people.

Cost $45 CAD each + s&h $10

Compatibility Charts plus Personal Birth Charts

This is truly an impressive book of 40 to 70 pages long. The individual charts are first displayed, and then it describes the synastry of the relationship. It shows the compatibility of the two personalities, through astrology.

Cost $70 CAD each + s&h $10

Numerology Chart

One of our most popular printouts. The chart describes you in a numeric fashion. This book also includes your lucky numbers for each month of a year. Also you will find the numeric vibration for each month and each day of a year. This is a helpful tool for those in industries that work with people. This printout may vary between 10 to 18 pages long.

Cost $30 CAD each + s&h $10

The Goddess Report

Examine the feminine archetypes within by taking a look at the four asteroids in the chart. Our new report, based on Demetra George’s ground-breaking best-seller, provides both men and women with valuable insights into their nurturing style, relationships, career, sexuality and spiritual growth. You get 40-50 pages of text describing the sign and house placement of Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta as well as their aspects with each other and the other planets in the birth chart. I personally found this report to be one of the most insightful reports to read.

Cost $35 CAD each + s&h $10

Calendar Charts

These are charts that describe to you the aspects occurring at a current time. An aspect is an set number of degrees between two planets. The aspect displays an octave of energy which can produce within you a certain response. More predictive in nature, this is like your personal horoscope. It gives a general overview of your monthly vibrations, and then addresses specific days that have more significant aspects (or energy) around them.

1 month Calendar Chart (4-6 pages) $25 CAD + s&h $10
3 month Calendar Chart (12-20 pages) $40 CAD + s&h $10
6 month Calendar Chart (30-40 pages) $60 CAD + s&h $10
1 year Calendar Chart (55-75 pages) $70 CAD + s&h $10

Please Contact me regarding purchases.